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Fire Station 91 is located in the City of Willis and is considered the Central station. The station houses 7 firefighters that respond in an Engine, Ladder, Tanker, Booster, Utility, and Battalion Chief's suburban. It has many main roads that stem from this location to our outer lying stations.

Fire Station 92 is located approximately 4 miles south of Station 91 in the City of Panorama Village. This station houses a reserve Engine and Swift Water Boat

Fire Station 93 is located approximately 5 miles North East of Station 95. This station houses an Engine, Booster, and Swift Water Boat.

Fire Station 94 is our newest fire station located 5 miles west of Station 91 on Lake Conroe. This station is unique due to the fact that it houses an Engine, Fire Boat, and Booster, staffed with 3 firefighters. It is also the only fire station in Montgomery County that has Lake front access out of the back of the station.

Fire Station 95 will be coming in 2017. It will be located 5 miles East of Station 91 and will house a reserve Engine.

Fire Station 96 is located 10 miles Northwest of Station 91 and is close to the Northern part of Lake Conroe. This station houses a reserve Engine

Our administrative building is located at 310 N. Danville Suite A in the City of Willis.  Administrative business is conduct out of the building including the Office of the Fire Chief, Operations Division, Training Division and Logistics Division.